Aarogya Setu App Download Link { Play Store } For Android Mobile & IOS, PC & Jio Phone, How to Use & Install India COVID 19 Tracker

India COVID 19 Tracker Aarogya Setu App Download For Android Phone Free & IOS, JIo Phone & PC at Play Store: National Informatics Centre NIC worked for the Indian Government has launched the Aarogya Setu App for Android Mobile & IOS IPhone & PC, Windows at Play Store. Arogya Setu is COVID 19 Official App of Indian Government which is useful for users whether or not they are at the risk of catching COVID-19. Check the complete details about How to Use & Install the Aarogya Setu App Review, Details in Hindi and Download Link Official Link at Google Play Store.

NIC डिपार्टमेंट ने ऑफिशियली कोरोना को ट्रैक करने के लिए { घर बैठे जांच करने के लिए } आरोग्य सेतु आप जारी कर दिया गया है जो की गूगल प्ले स्टोर & आई औ अस पलटफोर्म दोनों पर उपलब्ध है! जिसका ऑफिसियल लिंक इस पेज नीचे दिया गया है!

Aarogya Setu App Download

The Indian Government of India has launched an official Coronavirus tracking app whose name is Aarogya Setu. This app has been developed by the National Informatics Centre that worked under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.  The Aarogya Setu is a part of the contribution in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. This App / Apk is worked to notify users whether or not they are at the risk of catching COVID-19. Aspirants can download the App on both Android at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nic.goi.aarogyasetu&hl=en and IOS Platform via respective app stores.

India COVID 19 Tracker App Detalis

Higher Authority Government of India
Name of App Aarogya Setu
App Type Andriod / IOS & Windows
Motive  Coronavirus tracking app
Available on Google Play & IOS
Authority of App

NIC E-Gov Mobile Apps
Download Link Download Here

Aarogya Setu App Download Link

How to Use & Install Aarogya Setu App/Apk Link

✍ Step 1 : Use the Link send by the Government of India (DOTGOI) and Open the Playstore Link.

Step 1 Arogya App

✍ Step 2: Select your language Hindi, English, Telugu etc and click on Next Button.

Step 2 Aarogya App

Steps 3 : Each one of us has the power of help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in India.

Would you like to be kept informed if you have crossed paths with someone who has tested COVID-19 positive?

Step 3 Aarogya App

Steps 4 : Aarogya Setu Tracks trough a Bluetooth & Location generated social graph, your interaction with someone who could have tested COVID-19 positive..

  • Simply,
  • Install the App
  • Switch on Bluetooth & Location
  • Set location sharing to ‘Always’.
  • Invite your friends and family to install the app too.

Step 4 Aarogy App

Steps 5 : You will be alerted if someone you have come in close proximity of, even unknowingly, tests COVID-19 positive.

Step 5 Aarogy App

Steps 6 : With Aarogya Setu, you can protect yourself, your family and friends, and help our country in the effort to fight COVID-19 and click on the button “Register Now”.

Step 6 Aarogy App

Steps 7 : Check App Permissions.

Terms of Service & Privacy – We understand the nature and sensitivity of this topic and have taken strong measures to ensure that your data is not compromised.

Device Location – It is recommended that you set your location sharing to ‘Always’. You can change this anytime later.

Bluetooth – Monitors your device’s proximity to another mobile device. It is recommended that you keep it on at all times.

Data Sharing – Your Data will be shared only with the Government of India.

The App does not allow your name and number to be disclosed to the public at large at any time.

If you would like to contribute to a safer India please indicate your acceptance of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy by clicking on the button below – I Agree

Step 7 Aarogya App

Steps 8 : Enter Mobile Number and Click on the submit button.

Step 8 Aarogya Setu

Steps 9: Submit personal details like Gender, Full Name, Age, Profession, Which countries visited in the last 30 days and click on the submit button..

Step 9 Aarogya App

Aarogya Setu Details in Hindi & Review

? You’re safe

? Low risk of Coronavirus Infection

? Your risk level is based on the access assessment data you have provided and the proximity of an infected person.

? Please check the app regularly to stay updated.

? Don’t worry but be careful

We can defeat the spread of coronavirus with timely medical and safety and hygiene. Please educate yourself, be careful and do not panic.

< COVID-19 Help Center >

< Self Assessment Test >

< Share with others and protect them >

Step 10 Aarogya Aap

Features & Services of Aarogya Setu Mobile App

Aarogya Setu is a Sanskrit Language Word which means “A Bridge of Health”. This is an android and IOS app which is a coronavirus tracking app that uses data provided by users. Aarogya Setu makes use of GPS and Bluetooth to determine if a person is near or has been in contact with a Coronavirus-infected person. The aim of this app to tell the public about the best practices they can follow and the appropriate sources they can refer to so that people can survive well with the current virus outbreak.


Q1. What are the benefits of the Aarogya Setu App?

Ans. Aarogya Setu App helps users they are at risk of being infected, and to give the complete details about Coronavirus and users will get the latest tweets from the Health Ministry.

Q2. Is the aarogya app available in languages other than English?

Ans. Yes, the Arogya Setu app is available is 11 other languages other than Hindi & English.

Q3. Is the Aarogya Setu App available for Android Users?

Ans. Yes, the Aarogya Setu app is available for both Android and IOS users.

Imp. UPDATE – The government of India has launched the Aarogya Setu App dedicated to coronavirus. Users can know if they are infected or safe as per the information provided and will update you with the latest tweets of the Health Department. (You can download the app by clicking on the link directly.).???

How to Download Aarogya Setu App Link For Android Mobile & IOS, PC & Jio Phone

Step 1: Candidates go to the “play store” or “IOS Store” and download the Aarogya Setu App Link.

Step 2: Switch on the Bluetooth and Location on your device.

Step 3: Select your desired language.

Step 4: Now register with your mobile number and fill in all the asked details.

Step 5:

 After submitting the details it will cross-check the details as per the government database.

Step 6: Then the app will tell you If you are safe or not and other details and precautionary measures.

Important Links
Link for Android Download Here

Link 2

Link for IOS Download Here

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