CBSE Sample Paper 10th 2020 PDF Download Class 10 question paper

CBSE Sample paper and previous year question papers for class 10 provided here: Practice is the only key for success in the CBSE exam. You can start with CBSE sample paper for maths, CBSE class 10th sample paper for science, Hindi, English, Social Science, which can be downloaded easily in PDF file, we also provide solution key along with CBSE sample paper and previous year paper. The students keep on looking for new strategies for the preparation of their board exam and practicing the CBSE class 10th question papers of previous exams is one of the most common strategies.

The practice of CBSE sample paper not only makes the students comfortable with the pattern of the exam but it also improves their speed of attempting the CBSE Class 10th board exam.

In this post, we brought the CBSE sample paper and CBSE Class 10 previous year question papers to download in PDF format, so that you can take with you anywhere and practice even from your smartphone screen.

The CBSE board exam class 10 creates extra pressure on the students because it is the very first time they appear in the board exam. The practice of CBSE 10 previous years question papers gives an ample advantage to the students when they appear in competitive exams of JEE and others.  

CBSE sample paper 10th Class 2020

When students have completed the revision part for all the subjects then the question of how to do more practice comes in their mind. Solving the Class 10th CBSE sample paper comes for their rescue. To study extensively is the only way that the students think to get success in the CBSE Boards exam. We believe that the students should invest most of the time in the study so we bring the entire 10-year question in one place.

Advantages of Solving the Question Papers of Previous years    

The CBSE board exam for class 10 is stressful for the students. As we motioned in the first line that the practice is only key to the success in CBSE Board exam. But while practicing more and more the students need to know the right way of practicing. Solving the question papers of previous years is one of the most comprehensive ways to prepare for the exams. You can practice these CBSE sample papers and CBSE previous year question papers for class 10 to revise the entire syllabus for the preparation of the board exam. 

The most important benefit of practicing the actual questions is that it let you revise the complete syllabus in one shot. When the students try to solve the question paper for class 10, they can actually check their preparation level for the exam. We would suggest the students keep the track of timing when they solve the previous year’s questions.

This habit of keeping an eye on the time will actually help them to pace up their writing speed in the exam hall. Access to the CBSE 10th class question papers for the last 10 years makes it easy for the students to understand the pattern of board exam and the time management that required at the exam hall. Solving the papers helps students to know their conceptual weaknesses on which they can work on and improve before the arrival of the exam.

So here we have given the link of CBSE sample paper.

CBSE previous year question papers for class 10 – Download PDF

Here we have listed; if students will practice solving they will get the advantage in the exam hall. Solving the question papers is a confirmed way of covering a substantial part of the syllabus in less time. The previous years’ question papers make the students aware of the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam. 

CBSE Sample Paper English (Language And Literature)

You can get the previous years’ question papers for English (Language and Literature) here. To score well in this subject you need to understand the summary of the literature’s lessons of your syllabus. The strategy of mugging up the question answers will not be much help to score good marks in English. To do well in language, you should have a strong grip over English grammar. 

CBSE Sample Paper Hindi

To score good marks in Hindi, you will have to work on its grammar part. Read the story and then practice the question-answer part of Hindi. For poems, understand their meaning. You can always reach your teachers for more help.

CBSE Sample Paper Social Science

The question papers of previous years for social science will give you an idea that what type of questions are asked in the exam from this subject. When you write the answer to the questions of social science then always keep the word limit for the answers in mind. If you will keep writing the answer for a question of 3 marks then you may not leave with sufficient time to answer a question of 5 marks. Learning the lengthy answers in point can help the students to pour them on the answer sheet easily.

CBSE Sample Paper Science

For the better preparation of Science for CBSE board exam class 10we would recommend the students to prepare a separate register for important formulae, reactions, and diagrams. This register will help them in the last minute exam preparation and when all the important points will be at a place then it will save the time of the students as well. 

CBSE Sample Paper Maths

Maths is one of the most scoring subjects in all the exams. To prepare for Maths for CBSE class 10, you should pick the Maths’ question papers of previous years and start solving them. After solving each paper, you should evaluate yourself and revise the material which you could not recollect during the practice session. 


CBSE Sample papers help the student to get the experience for the final examinations. The question mentioned above in the sample paper are similar to the questions asked in the board exam.

Students are advised to attempt the sample papers mentioned above and should have a consistent revision of the chapters they have studied.

For class 10th board, the question will be made from the NCERT books. However, if the student needs to clear his doubt through additional books, they can prefer Arihant Publication books.

Yes, with consistent study, hard work and dedication, the students can easily score nine grade points in class 10th board.

The question paper is generally based on a moderate type of difficulty level. The boards prepares the question paper taking the average students into consideration.

We hope that you will find that the practicing CBSE class 10 Sample papers 2020 has enhanced your skills and speed up your writing. We wish you luck for your CBSE Class 10 board exam.


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