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Essay on Independence Day: India is one of the fasted growing countries in the world. It is a land of diversity where people of different caste, creed, religion, culture, and belief live together.  India is a country where there is “Unity in Diversity”. India is the biggest democracy in the world that celebrates its independence day on 15th August of every year.

Before Independence, the condition of Indians was very pathetic as they were under the rule of Britishers. For decades Indians suffered a lot under the British rule. Indians were treated as slaves but there were people who stood and raised their voice against Britishers and scarify their lives to set India free. This is the reason Independence Day means a lot to Indians.

Independence Day Essay

Independence Day in India is observed on 15th August every year. It is a national holiday that is celebrated with pride across the nation. It is celebrated to commemorate the independence of India. Every year 15th August, it is celebrated as the day of happiness and feeling proud as India got independence from British rule on this day.

Independence Day is marked as an important day in Indian history. It would be not wrong if say that it is the birthday of new and free India.

Why Independence Day is celebrated?

As Independence approaches Indian hearts are filled with the feeling of patriotic exhalation.

It all started with the arrival of Britishers in India around the 17th century. Britishers came to India around 1600’s as traders but with the passage of time they established themselves as a dominating power in India and made it their colony. As time passes, the tyranny of the British Empire increased and Indian people suffered badly.

In 1857 the first war of independence broke out and since then people started raising their voices against the rulers. Those who raised their voice against the tyranny of Britishers were tortured, shot dead or were sent to jails but freedom fighters did not give up and kept fighting.

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By the beginning of the 20th century, India witnessed several freedom fighters and leaders. There were mass protests, movements, marches etc against the dominance of British power that took place under the guidance of several leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, and many others. Lots of people devoted their lives for the freedom of this nation.

Finally, the hard work, determination, and sacrifice of freedom fighters pay off when India moves towards freedom on midnight 15th August 1947. The first Prime Minister of India proclaims the Freedom of India from British rule through a speech. This was the end of British rule in India and India got freedom.

At this Indian was divided into various princely states. All the states and kingdoms come together to form a nation and therefore we can also say it was one of the biggest diplomatic success for Indians.

Importance of (15 August) Independence Day

It reminds us of the sacrifice of thousands of people behind the Independence of India from British Colonial rule. It is important it makes us feel proud and gives us a chance to honor all the martyrs, freedom fighters and all the people who participated in the struggle of freedom.

Independence Day has great significance as it fills Indian hearts with pride and patriotism and also infuses them with the zeal and determination to do something for their nation. It also reminds us to remain grounded and does not forget our roots.

It reminds Indians to be grateful, humble and give respect to all the people who were behind this free India. It is also important as it helps to keep the love for country alive in the hearts of the people.

Independence Day Celebration

As Independence Day is a national holiday and has great significance, therefore, it is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm through the country. People of India celebrate the spirit of freedom in different ways.

One can see a burst of tri-color flags in markets a week before Independence Day. Like other festivals, this national occasion is also getting commercialized by marketers.  Markets are filled with various things of saffron, white and green colors which symbolize the colors of Indian national flag. Being a national occasion it is celebrated in each and every part of India.

Every individual and businesses celebrate this big day of India and show patriotism in their own way. School, colleges, and offices remain closed on this occasion however they celebrate the day by organizing various activities at their premises.

The national celebration starts with the speech of the Prime Minister of India on the eve of 15th August. Flag hoisting, singing the national anthem, cultural programs are some of the common sights during this occasion.

Kite flying is one of the activities that are practiced by people in various parts of India. Kites of various shapes colors sizes form a beautiful spectrum of colors in the sky. Sweets are distributed among people, various competitions, poetry recitation, speeches, parades, pageants are organized across India.

Major government buildings of India are illuminated with lights and flag hoisting is done at the premises. Independence Day is the occasion of feeling pride and keeping the spirit of patriotism alive.

Independence Day Facts

Some of the facts behind the independence of India and Independence Day are as follows-

  • On the midnight 15th August 1947, India got freedom from the rule of British Empire that has a ruled the country for around 300 years.
  • Independence Day is a national holiday in India and celebrated with enthusiasm in schools, colleges, offices and various other places.
  • The official ceremony of Independence Day takes place at the Red Fort.
  • There were only 13 ministers in Indian cabinet who took oath on 15th August 1947.
  • India is a peaceful country that has never invaded any country in the last history of the last 100000 years.
  • There was no official national anthem during the time of first Independence Day.
  • When Indian got independence there were total 562 princely states and Sardar Patel and other leaders negotiated and incorporated these kingdoms to form India.
  • Apart from India, there are countries like Congo, Bahrain, North Korea, South Korea, and Liechtenstein who got independence on 15 August but a different year and therefore celebrated their Independence Day on 15th August every year.
  • Independence Day is also celebrated in the USA on every 15th August as “India Day”.

Independence Day is a festival to celebrate freedom of the nation. We should remember the great souls who devoted their lives to the nation and therefore it needs to be celebrated with great enthusiasm.


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