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ICEGATE Online apply registration, Eligibility, Benefits: The government of India is implementing new technologies to connect with the people of the country. In order to give easy access to the Indians users or taxpayers, the GOI has introduced many web portals where users have done their government related works easily. ICEGATE is one the web portal the government has developed for the Indian citizens so that they pay the all taxes on duties easily without spending their valuable time in visiting the offices physically.

In this article, we have compiled the information related to ICEGATE, Registration, Status so that those users who cannot get its benefit get it know about the website and it functions from here.

ICEGATE Online Apply 2019

ICEGATE is the abbreviation of Indian Customs Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway. It is basically a web port that offers various facilities to its users. The web portal offers the following facilities to its users; filing of the Bill of Entry ( import goods declaration), Shipping Bills (export goods declaration) and sending the related electronic messages between Customs and the Trading Partners with the help of communication facilities including E-mail, Web-upload & FTP.

ICEGATE was launched by GOI to give the facility to the traders, cargo carriers and other clients of Customs Department (collectively called Trading Partner) e-filling the forms related to their business. Presently approx 24000 users are registered with ICEGATE to serve about 6.72 lacs, importers and exporters.

ICEGATE connects about 15 broad types of partners with Customs EDI. The portal establishes this connection through message exchanges enabling faster Customs clearance and in turn facilitating EXIM Trade. This project is not only good fore-filling the forms but it also exchanges the data between Customs and the various regulatory and licensing agencies such as DGFT, RBI, Ministry of Steel and DGCIS. The data of the National Import Database (NIDB) and Export Commodity Database (ECDB) also take input for ICEGATE. Overall we can say that the portal not only helps the trades and other department and users associated with this industry but it also helps to raise and share the database of trading and shipping business. The facilities offered by ICEGATE are not limited up to e-filing, it also provides  host of other services like e-payment, Document Tracking status at Customs EDI, on-line registration for IPR, IE code status, online verification of DEPB/DES/EPCG licenses, PAN based CHA data and links to various other important websites/information pertaining to the Customs business.

In short, ICEGATE offers many facilities on a single website. As ICEGATE works on the internet so users can access the website any day and any time. All they need to complete their important tasks on the website is internet connection and hardware to access the web portal.

Registration on

To get the benefits of the servicers offered bu ICEGATE the traders, cargo carriers and other clients of the Customs Department will have to register them on the portal. To file the documents online, for filling online Shipping Bills and Bill of Entries and other documents it is important to register on ICEGATE portal.

Custom Brokers (License Holder / F-card and G-card holders), IEC holders (and IEC authorized persons), Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents, Airlines, Air Agents, Console Agents, etc can register on the ICEGATE portal.

For Custom House Agents two category has been defined; – a Principal (F card holder) and their employees (G card holders). F card users need to approve the registration of each of their G card holder and keeps the right to disable them. Both F and G card holders will have to wait after registration on the portal.  The status of registration of F card holder will be sent to him via e-mail and status of the G card holder will also be sent to the F card holder.

For IEC holder / IEC Authorized Person and shipping agents also the same process id followed though there are no F and G card holders but Employer can register on the portal and after then can add employees as child user.   

Unlike the aforementioned users, the custodians are allowed to have only one user on ICEGATE portal.

For all type of registration on ICEGATE, it is advised to wait for some time as your application will be sent to the officials of the department and they will approve or reject it. the information or the status of your registration application will be sent to you via mail. In can your application has been approved then you will get a mail on your registered mail id and if your application got rejected then also you will get a mail with a reason of rejection on your application for registration on the portal.

Important Points to Remember for Registration

While registration on the ICEGATE portal new users need to keep the following important points in mind;

Documents Required for Registration on ICEGATE Portal

  • Aadhaar card (preferably)
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card
  • Scanned Copy of Authorization Letter (.pdf)
  • Scanned Copy of License / Permit (.pdf)
  • Scanned Copy of Driving license, Passport, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID card (.pdf)
  • Scanned Copy of Authorization to F Card / G Card
  • Authorization Letter / Order of Commissioner

How to Register on ICEGATE Portal

To get register on ICEGATE following instructions has to be followed;

Benefits of ICEGATE

ICEGATE is an innovative step of the government of India that is launched to help, any traders and other people associated with the export industry. The portal offers one stop solution to the people. The portals let the traders, cargo carriers and other clients of the Customs Department to see the location of their material, to e fill the forms and many other benefits. ICEGATE saves the time of people and lets them handle the entire thing they need to perform in the export and trading industry from their laptop or desktop. The registered users can also create child user (except custodians) to end the dependency of one person to fill and complete online forms and other formalities.

The Bottom Line

The article has all the important information related to ICEGATE. If you can have a question in mind related to ICEGATE then ask to us through the comment box. In case you face any issue while registration process on the web portal then also you can contact us with the screenshot, we will definitely help you.


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