NPR - National Population Register 2020, What, How and Why Answered

NPR (National Population Register) 2020: There are so many things going around us nowadays in terms of citizenship whether it was CAA, CAB, NRC or NPR. There are lots of rumors moving around us that NPR will do this and it is a part of this and that but…

One thing for sure lots of people does not know the head and tail of it and even some of them who are protesting all over in India, don’t know the term stands for, for which they are protesting. It is not the first time when NPR is going to exercise but there are some rumors that it is against some religion. They should know the in and out of the exercise first and what was the reason behind it they should ignore the entire rumor and must consider the official details about it.

Update: The NPR exercise and the Phase I of Census which was scheduled to held from April 1st has been deferred for indefinite time due to COVID-19. The next date will be announced later on by the officials.

What is NPR?

NPR stands for National Population Register. It is basically a register that contains all the data of all the Usual Citizens of India and the data is collected at the village, district, state, and national level. This data is collected under the provision of the Citizenship Act, 1955 and under the Citizenship rule of 2003. And it is compulsory for every usual citizen of India to register in NPR. And to conduct the procedure the central government has allocated 3941.35 crore

NPR 2020 Overview

NPR is going to conduct nationwide from April 1st to September 30th, 2020

NPR was first introduced by the UPA government in 2011 along with the Census

What is the Usual Resident?

Usual citizen basically means that any person who has resided in India from the past six months or going to be resided here for the next six month or even more.

What is the purpose of NPR?

The main purpose of the NPR is to create a detailed identity database of every usual resident living in the country. Earlier, it was mention in the notice that it will contain a demographic and biometric information but later on, in a cabinet meeting Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said that no document will be sought for this and no bio-metric will be required for the process it is completely based on self-declaration and all the information will be feed in mobile app.

Utility of NPR

Many people are asking what’s the use of NPR is.

The main reason behind it not only to strengthen the security of the country but also to target those people who are not getting benefit and services which central or state government is launching for them.

As ministry said in his statement that Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Manipur provide them NPR data and through this data, they track the subsidies of the Sarvam Scheme and Public distribution scheme (PDS) also the data provided by the Rajasthan government help in the Bhamashah women’s empowerment scheme.

Some common questions asked in NPR

The central government launched the questionnaire which will contain the series of question which was going to be asked in the process…

Earlier, when the NPR was exercised in 2011 the number of questions is 14 only but as per the new manual of instruction of NPR which was released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India; it’s going to be 21 questions this time. The new categories which have been introduced this time were from the number 15 to 21 which we have given below:

Note: as in the previous operation it also contains fingerprints and photograph but as the I&B minister said no biometric will be taken this time so no need to give any biometric

Document required for NPR

During the process of NPR, the head of the family or the respondent doesn’t need to furnish any document for the exercise (as per the statement given by the Home minister to news agency) and the information provided by the respondent will be self-attested and what so ever information provided by him/her will be deemed correct and it will not be subject to require any documents or biometric

When will be the NPR exercised?

The exercise of NPR will be conducted in the month of April 2020 and will be conducted until September 2020. It will be conducted all over India except the Assam because Assam has already gone through the process of NRC. For NPR central government will publish the Gazetted notification in due course time

Who will furnish the details of NPR?

When the surveyor visits your home for the exercise of NPR, then it is the duty of the head of the family to furnish all the details enquired by the surveyors and…

In the case of dependents such as minor who has not attained the age of 18 years or who is disabled is the responsibility of the head of the family to furnish such details

Why NPR when we have a census?

There are so many people who are asking why NPR when we already have census and recently…

When this question was asked to the Union home minister Amit shah then he said that…

NPR basically helps to identify the demographics of an actual resident who is the direct beneficiaries of such schemes which were launched by the government.

For example, if a majority of permanent resident in Maharashtra may be Marathi speaking but the majority of current residents are other people came from various parts of the country which speak other languages and this NPR data will identify that and adapt their scheme to them accordingly

NPR data used for?

NPR data can be used for transparent and efficient delivery of social benefit by linking it to the various schemes of the government such as:

  • Financial-banking, insurance services
  • Education- admission in schools, colleges, and hostels and for the scholarship
  • Agriculture- seed fertilizer, pesticide, marketing credit
  • Registration of land, property shares
  • National security
  • Health and medical services
  • Public distribution system
  • Gender issues- child marriage, marital status
  • Employment
  • Disaster management
  • Disability, old age pension, freedom fighter
  • NPR data is never used for NRC exercise

Usage and benefit of NPR

  • To create a credible register of every family and individual
  • It will link the usual citizens with location
  • Strengthen the security
  • No biometric will be collected
  • It will help to improve the delivery mechanism of benefits under the various government schemes
  • On linking NPR data with the registration of birth and death real-time population register will be available

What is the difference between NPR and NRC?

There is furor in all our country about NPR and NRC nowadays because some of the questions are going to be asked in NPR is also a part of NRC but the Ministry of Home affairs clearly made a statement that NPR is not a part of NRC.

As we already mentioned above the particulars which are going to be asked in NPR so below we have given the

Particulars to be asked in NRC:

Is there any difference between Census and NPR?

If you reach here it means you have understood something about the NPR so below we did not talk about NPR we will just mention few points of Census so from that you will differentiate between Census and NPR.

As we all know the drive of the census and NPR will begin simultaneously but both of them are different things.

Census is the largest source of statistical information of citizen of India which was conducted once in a decade, on the basis of census act which was enacted in 1948.

It is the process to review the country’s progress in the last ten years.

Through this, we will get to know the actual and correct information regarding the demography, economic activity, literacy, education, language, religion, fertility, mortality, gender, numbers of town and their population and some few other things.

It gives the present condition of citizens of India and the overall population trends.

It also contains the information related to the source of drinking water, electricity, irrigation, about the house (whether it is made up of concrete or other).

The drive of census 2021 will be done under two phases; Under phase 1 house-listing or housing census will be carried out from April 2020 to September 2020 while, In phase 2 the enumeration of the population will be carried out from 9th of February to 28th of February 2021.


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