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SAT exam result SAT scores are made available to the students within 3 weeks of the date of exam. SAT result and scores can be checked online through official website, through mail, or through phone and direct link below.       

In this article, we have come up with the necessary information about the SAT exam result. It includes details about all the aspects of the SAT exam result such as result dates, methods to check SAT scores, score sending, score verification, cancellation etc.      

Students who have taken the SAT exam before December 2019 can check their scores online as it is available now. Those who have taken the SAT exam after the said date have to choose the date for release of SAT scores by visiting the official portal. As SAT is offered several times in a year the result is also prepared and declared accordingly. The concerned authority has announced the SAT result for December 2019 SAT and those who have the exam can check it.     

SAT Exam Overview 2020   

SAT Score

All the registered students receive a mail regarding the declaration of result once the score report is ready. SAT Scores of the students is the sum of scores they have obtained in the two sections (i.e. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math) of the test. A separate score is provided for the optional SAT Essay test.    

The sectional scores are calculated by computing the raw scores of the students—the no. of questions correctly answered for each section. The raw scores of the students in each section are then converted to a scaled score of 200 – 800.

This process of conversion of scores adjusts for slight differences in the various versions (on the basis of test difficulty level) of the test (taken on different days) and facilitates in providing consistent score across all the versions of the tests. It is basically done to make sure that no student gets advantage or disadvantage (due to difficulty level of test) of the tests conducted on different days. The scaled scores are the final scores of the students which are reflected on the score reports. There is not any provision for negative marking and hence no marks of the students are deducted for wrong answers or for unanswered questions.

A benchmark (SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks) score is also set for both the sections to check the readiness of the students for the college and career. Check the benchmark score details for both the sections given in the table below-

 SAT 2019-2020 Important Dates    

You can check SAT result schedule for upcoming tests (SAT 2020) given below-

SAT Test Date

Result Date

For SAT with Essay

For SAT without Essay

4th March 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 26th March-1st April 2020

·         SAT Essay score- 30th March 2020

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 26th March 2020

14th March 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 27th March 2020

·         SAT Essay score- 30th March- 1st April 2020

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 27th March 2020

25th March 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 16th April 2020

·         SAT Essay score- 20th-22nd April 2020  

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 16th April 2020  

14th April 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 6th May 2020

·         SAT Essay score-  8th– 12th May 2020

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 6th May 2020

28th April 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 20th May 2020

·         SAT Essay score- 22nd– 26th May 2020 

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 20th May 2020

2nd May 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 15th May 2020

·         SAT Essay score- 18th-20th May 2020 

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 15th May 2020

6th June 2020

·         Release of Multiple Choice scores- 15th July 2020

·         SAT Essay score- 15th-17th July 2020

·         Online and Paper Score Report- 15th July 2020

How to check SAT Score?  

SAT scores can be checked by using various methods which can be online and offline. The result will be declared within one month of the day of the test and will remain available for a fixed period of time. Therefore, all the candidates are required to check their scores as soon as possible after the declaration of result.  

Check all the ways given below by which you can access your SAT Scores-

How to check SAT Score Online (via Official Portal)?

Follow the simple procedure shared as under to check the SAT result online-

  • Step 1- Visit the official portal of College Board i.e.   
  • Step 2- Click on “SAT” tab given on the homepage of the website.
  • Step 3- Select the “Scores” option from the dropdown menu.
  • Step 4- Click on relevant result link and sign in page will appear.
  • Step 5- Enter the Username and password in space provided and click on “Sign In” button. 
  • Step 6- Your SAT account will open.
  • Step 7- Click on “My Organizer” button.
  • Step 8- Select “SAT scores” tab.
  • Step 9- Click on “Access my Scores” tab.
  • Step 10- Enter username and password.
  • Step 11- Hit “My Test Scores” link.
  • Step 12- Your SAT scores will display on the screen.  
  • Step 13- After checking the scores, you can send your scores to the colleges.
  • Step 14- Lastly click on “View Details” link and hit “Download Report” button to download the score report. After that you can take the printout of the downloaded scores for further references. 

 SAT Paper Score Report 

Students who have registered through email and do not have an active College Board SAT account will receive Paper score report. Once the score reports will be prepared it will be send to postal addresses of the students by the College Board.  

How to Get Scores by Phone?

SAT exam result can also be accessed through phone. You can get the result by making a phone call on the number provided by the board. This method of accessing SAT score is chargeable and you have to make payment of the requisite fee.

You can get your scores by phone by using the contact numbers given below-Domestic- 866-756-7346 International- 212-713-7789

SAT Score Range

Particulars mentioned on SAT Score card?

The online score card will be indicating following details of the scores of the candidates-  

  • Name and address of the candidates
  • Registration No.
  • Test Date
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Test Center Number  
  • High School Code  
  • Name of the high school  
  • Total score  
  • Essay Scores
  • Section-wise scores
  • Test Scores  
  • Cross Test scores  
  • Subscores
  • Result status (Whether you have met the benchmark or not)

Sending SAT Scores to Colleges

After accessing the scores, you can also forward the scores to the colleges you are aspiring to get admission in. You can send scores to colleges before test day or after test day. It depends on your choice. The official portal provides you two score sending options viz.- Use Score Choice (for the selection of scores you wish to send to colleges) and Switch Score recipients (to change the recipient).

SAT Score Verification  

College Board also provides you an opportunity to verify your SAT scores. In case you feel you have not obtained scores as per your expectations in the test. It includes Multiple multiple-choice hand score verification, essay score verification or both.

In order to request for verification of SAT score, you have to submit an application form. You can request for score verification upto 5 months after the date of test. You have to download and print the request form. Download the request form from the given link-

Before submitting the request form, you should read all the instructions mentioned on the form. The filled in request form should be mailed to the specified address along with the payment.

The board analyse the request and access the scores. After the verification the verified result is mailed to the students. The verified result is delivered within five weeks of the date of receiving request and payment.  

SAT Score Cancellation   

Cancellation of SAT scores cannot be done online or by mail. You have to submit an application form for that. The filled in application forms can be send either through FAX at 610-290-8978 or overnight delivery services to the prescribed address.  

You can download the Score cancellation form from the given link-

Once the request for score cancellation has been send, scores of candidates cannot be restored.   

You have to send the completely filled and signed-in application form to-

SAT Program   Score Cancellation 1425 Lower Ferry Road Ewing, NJ 08618

About SAT

SAT is an international level entrance test exam conducted for admission to undergraduate programs in various universities/ colleges of USA and various other countries in the world.  SAT is conducted to access the readiness of the students for college. On the basis of SAT, the skills and knowledge of the students is tested.

SAT is conducted seven times in year in USA i.e. in the month of August, October, November, December, March, May, and June. For international students (for students outside USA) it is conducted four times a year i.e. in October, December, March and May.        

SAT include the three sections viz. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, Math and Essay. Essay section is optional and depends on the preference of the students. SAT score is considered by all of the universities of USA as well various other countries for admission to undergraduate programs.


For any query related to SAT scores, candidates can contact at the given details-

College Board SAT Program   P.O. Box 7502   Phone No. (Domestic)- 866-433-7728, 866-756-7346, 866-756-7346, 866-756-7346 Phone No. (International)- 212-713-7789, 212-713-7789, 212-713-7789 Email-       


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