UP Govt Coronavirus Help Yojana फ्री राशन वितरण Process Free Food

UP Govt Coronavirus Help Yojana Relief Announcements: As India and the world is in the midst of COVID-19 outbreak, governments are trying their best to control the situation and helping its citizens by taking various preventive measures. In order to control the spread of this deadly virus, the Indian Central government has decided to lock down the entire nation till 3rd May 2020.

UP Govt Coronavirus Help Yojana Relief Announcements फ्री राशन

As each state in India is under lockdown, the daily wage workers, labourers, destitute etc. are the people who are worst affected by situation of unemployment created due to the corona pandemic. Uttar Pradesh is one of the state where we can see rapid growth in the number of corona positive cases day-by-day and stop this countrywide lockdown was a must. But due to the shutdown, the poor people of the Uttar Pradesh are facing various issues regarding food, shelter, finance, essential goods, etc. just like other states.

Food is the basic concern of all the daily wagers, labourers, contract-based employees, etc. To cop up with this situation Yogi Government has come-up with various measures to provide food as well as financial benefits to the needy during this critical situation.  

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On 21st March 2020, a day before “Janta Curfew”, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adiyanath in a press conference announced various relief measures for the people of the state. These include-

Distribution of Food Grains  

As per the CM, households of 1.65 crore Antyodaya workers, workers having MGNREGA cards, small daily wagers, including construction wagers/labourers etc. will be provided food grain stock for one month by the UP Government so that they can feed themselves during this pandemic. This stock of food grains shall be distributed through 80,000 Public Distribution System (PDS) stores in the state. The food stock that will be distributed through PDS stores will include 15 kg of rice and 20 kg of wheat.

Apart from this, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on 25th March also announced that 80 crore citizens of India will be provided wheat at the rate of Rs.2 per kg.  He also added that this ration will be provided for three months in advance. Under this scheme 80 crore poor people will get ration for next three months. They will get Wheat at the rate of Rs.5/-, Rice at the rate of 5kg and 1kg of pulses apart from the existing benefits they are getting.

So, this decision of central government could also be inculcated with the announcement made by the state government.

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Financial Assistance to Daily Wagers

During this lockdown, everybody is forced to stay indoors for the safety of the country. Meanwhile, there are millions of people in the country whose family income is depended on daily wages. To help these people living in the state, Yogi Adityanath has announced that a sum of Rs.1000 will be provided to each 20.37 lakh construction workers and laborers registered with the state labour department and also 15 lakh self-employed card-owners, rickshaw-pullers, and small shop owners. This amount will be transferred to the accounts of the beneficiaries through the system of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

UP Govt Coronavirus Help Yojana

Government had issued a financial package of more than Rs.353 crores for daily wage earners who are likely be hit by the lockdown across the state and entire nation due to covid-19 outbreak.

Government had started forming committees for working as per the directives of the CM. Besides the directives made by the state government, if there are people both in rural and urban areas who are being affected by the lockdown and do not falls under any scheme, then various committees will be formed to help them. Rs.1000 will be disbursed to these individuals from the relief fund.   

The Gram Panchayats and BDOs in rural areas, and SDMs in urban regions along with DM will take care of all this matter and will disburse the aforesaid amount to the needy.

Distribution of Pension Amount      

Along with the distribution of food and allocation of financial support to daily-wagers, CM has also announced that more than 83 lakh people including old ages people, disabled people, widow pensioner and other pensioners under various schemes will be provided the amount of pension in April itself for both April and May month.

Home Delivery of essential commodities

As the state government has declared Covid-19/ Corona virus a State Disaster” it is taking quick and crucial actions to fight with this deadly virus which is the need of hour. To keep people indoors and restrain their movement for essential services and goods, CM Yogi has also started the home delivery of essentials products.

For that UP government has decided to use 10,000 vehicles so that using these vehicles they can deliver essentials goods to the doorsteps of the people. During the 21 days of lockdown these vehicles will be used to ensure that public gets all the necessary items such as milk, vegetables, medicines, drugs, etc. at their doorsteps.

UP Govt फ्री राशन वितरण

On 24th March 2020, CM stated that around 4,500 Police Response Vehicles i.e. PRVs, 4,200 Ambulances (including both 102 & 108), vehicles of Government’s food department and vehicles owned by other government departments will be used for delivering all the essentials items peoples’ doorsteps. In return people are requested to stay inside and not to come out to shops and vegetables markets (Mandis).

The central and UP state government infact each state government is doing its best to prevent the spread of the covid-19. It is the duty of public to support themselves, their family, their state and entire nation just by staying home as per the government advisory.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe and Fight against Corona


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