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YSR KANTI VELUGU Scheme 2020: The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched their one of the revolutionary healthcare scheme i.e. YSR KANTI VELEGU Scheme on 10th October 2019 at Anantapura District on the occasion of “World Sight Day”. It is basically a free mass eye screening program which is going to be implemented in Andhra Pradesh in phased manner. The first phase of this scheme was stared from 10th Oct 2020. This YSR KANTI VELUGU Scheme is aimed to provide comprehensive and sustainable universal eye care to all the people of the state.

The expenditure that is estimated to be incurred in this scheme for the procurement of drugs, equipment, material and staff is Rs.560.89 crores (Approx). This total expenditure includes 60% contribution of shares by the Government of AP and 40% shares by the Govt. of India. Through this scheme, the entire population of the state is going to be benefited. Currently third phase of YSR Kanti Velegu Scheme is going on.

It is one of the revolutionary scheme in the health care sector in the state. With the implementation of this scheme, government will ensure the better and healthy eye sight of all the citizens of the state. Each and every citizen will be covered under this scheme.

YSR Velugu Scheme 2020

The scheme will be implemented in various phases starting with the screening of school children of the state to providing surgeries and necessary treatment the identified patients. This scheme will be carried forward with the help of 1,415 health officials, 160 district programme officers, 42,360 ASHA workers, 62,500 teachers, 14,000 ANMs and 14,000 health department employees.

It also includes 1,145 Primary health Centres, 195 Community Health Centres, 13 District Hospitals, 28 Area Hospitals, 11 tertiary hospitals (Including 2 regional eye hospitals), 13 district blindness control societies,115 vision centres, and 117 registered NGO hospitals.

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YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme Action Plan- Important Dates  

Objectives of YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme- 2020

The main objectives of Kanti Velugu Scheme include-

  • Sustainable eye care to all 5 crore people of the state by various interventions such as organising eye screening programs, distribution of eye glasses/ spectacles, surgeries in case of glaucoma, cataract, corneal disorders, retinopathy and other eye disorders.
  • Free of cost, quality and easily accessible eye care facilities to the patients.

Strategies to achieve Objectives

To achieve the aforementioned objectives of this scheme, government has formed certain strategies. Some of these strategies are as follows-  

  • Eye screening of the entire pollution and providing them free primary, secondary and tertiary eye care services. 
  • Increasing the availability of skilled manpower.
  • Including private health facilities and services and manpower for screening, training and surgeries.
  • Making govt. sector health facilities better.
  • Better usage of Information and communication technology at every phase of the scheme. Providing spectacles, surgeries immediately if any refractive or disorder is identified.  
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of all the activities to ensure service quality.

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Phases of YSR Velugu Scheme 2020 and Concerned Staff

Scheme consist of five phases through which it will be implemented throughout the state. Check the details given in the table below about all the phases and associated official/staff-

Phase I- Primary basic screening of school children

Phase I has was started from 10th October 2019 and completed on 15th October 2019. It basically started with the screening of school children. For the implementation of the program the concerned officials coordinated School Education Department at District level, mandal level and school level.  

Phase I district action plan was consist of Training action plan, Logistic plan for supply of screening material/ equipment and lastly the monitoring and supervision plan. Phase II also have been completed. Check the statistics collected on the basis of Phase II given as under-

Have a look at the process and all the details related to preliminary screening given as under-

  • There are total 62,459 schools (Both Govt. and private) with 70,41,988 children in the state as per the Commissioner of School Education, Government of AP.   
  • Phase I include screening of all these school children for identification of any kind of defect in the vision.
  • Primary screening is carried out at all the schools by the Preliminary screening teams with the help of school teachers and staff.  
  • Each Preliminary screening team includes one Public Health staff (PHS) and a ASHA worker. For this purpose, the public health staff mainly includes MPHS(M), MPHS(F), MPHA(M), MPHEO, CHO, APMO, PHN(NT), DPMO
  • For Urban areas preliminary screening team consist of one PHS, and one urban ASHA. If adequate public health staff is not available then services of Nursing students, ANM can provide their services.
  • For this scheme, RBSK staff and vehicles can also be used for urban areas.
  • Each screening team have to screen around 200-250 students per day.
  • All the screening teams has been trained for conducting preliminary screening.
  • These teams have been provided material/ equipment for screening and data sheets for noting down the screening result.
  • Preliminary screening was carried out for 5 days i.e. from 10th October 2019 to 16th October 2019. (excluding 2nd Saturday and Sunday)
  • The date sheets indicate Name of the school and code, Name of the student, Name of the PHC, Student’s Aadhar Number and a column for screening results.

  • After the completion of screening, preliminary screenings teams handed over the data sheets to the concerned ANMs. ANMs then upload this data through tablets provided to them or via desktops at PHCs.

YSR Velugu Uploading of Data  

After collected the screening data, Preliminary Screening Teams have to submit the data to the respective ANMs. Then ANMs have to uploaded this data online. The procedure of uploading the screening data is shared as under-

  • Visit the official website of YSR Kanti Velugu Scheme i.e. http://drysrkv.ap.gov.in
  • On the homepage, click on “ANM LOGIN” tab.
  • Login page appears. Enter the user name i.e. Aadhaar no. and password i.e. mobile no. Click on login button.
  • Enter the id of student and click on get Student details.
  • Student details will appear.
  • Submit the data by clicking on submit button.

This date uploaded by ANMs shall be further uploaded on a daily basis by the concerned Medical Officers. For this purpose, the daily report format is available in the PHC login.

YSR Velugu Scheme 2020 FAQs  

The scheme is aimed to provide sustainable and comprehensive eye care to all the citizens of the state.

The current phase is Phase III i.e. Community Eye Screening.

The estimated budget of this scheme will be Approximately Rs.560.89 Crores in which 60% contribution of Govt. of AP and 40% will be of Central Govt.

No, YSR Kanti Velugu scheme is only applicable to the citizens of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

PMOOs are the Para Medical Ophthalmic Officers associated with various phases of the scheme.

Yes, the screening, prescription and other benefits covered under this scheme will be provided free of cost to the citizens. No fee will be charged from them.

District Task Force

The screening data is collected by the appointed screening teams.

Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare and Mission Director, National Health Mission,2nd Floor, B-Block, Himagna Towers,D.No.189, LIC Colony Adda Road, Saipuram Colony, Road One Center,Gollapudi, Vijayawada Rural, Krishna Dt.Andhra Pradesh Website: drysrkv.ap.gov.in

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